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 Wholesale of used clothing5

Since 1991 we have been importing and organically processing salvaged textiles from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and of course England. We supply our customers to second hand textile shops, e-shops and marketplace sellers. Your satisfaction is our great commitment. We greatly appreciate our success in Middle Europa, where we have been supplying since 2016.

What about us?

  • We run the sorting plant ourselves, we are not resellers,IMG 2815

  • you can conveniently buy from home via our e-shop,

  • we fulfill the wishes of our regular customers

  • you can choose a part of the production as an original bag

  • we care about you, your success is our success,

  • we respond to your messages and expressed wishes.


Quality is guaranteed

  • Quality is monitored today and every day,

  • each truck is first checked, evaluated and then processed

  • We try to deal with complaints sensitively and helpfully.


Wide selection of products

  • We sort into 5 grades more than 100 itemsatnk.png

  • The main groups in the price list are children's, home, sports, winter, summer, women's, men's, haberdashery, shoes and other

  • all connoisseurs will also be pleased with the possibility to choose a specific package, then they will also get it.



You can also choose your own accessories, which you can also buy at a fair price.

  • Everyone is interested in price, it's about the price of the goods and shipping.

  • We always try to be on the customer's side, only a fair approach has a chance of success.3195856 hand halten geldbeutel mit dollar zeichen vektor

  • The 5 quality grades represent a wide price range for every market, for the luxury shop in the metropolis and the market in the last village,

  • We regularly announce fortnightly discounts, every Friday morning,

  • For purchases over 550EUR with tax, we contribute up to 100% for shipping.